Marta Painting is an intimate encounter, where a dialogue with yourself is established through listening to the present moment.

Thanks May.

Alex ... to experience the moment in which everything can arise.

Birgit I'm already looking forward to painting again next week.
It was so good for me.
And has an effect in depth.

And would like to say THANK YOU.
You created such a luminous magic place,
where you give to all who come your wonderful presence and sensitivity and invite them into the silence, the magic of the colors, the joy.

Heart greeting in yellow.

Lara (12 years) After a tough week of school, I find so much peace and relaxation here.

Lara (12 Jahre)
Mother of Johanna “I wish every imaginative child to be able to take part in an“ Accompanied Painting ”course. There is no other activity my child is coming back from as deeply relaxed and happy as from this painting course. This painting course is a wonderful one for children who have their own imagination and who do not want to be constantly told what to do and how, but who are also looking for a sheltered setting in which to be creative and who want to see their forms of expression being valued and encouraged."

Thank you very much for your wonderful work with the children!

Mutter von Johanna
Christian Mrs. Carro Cabaleiro is able to give beginners and inexperienced participants the necessary secure framework and methodical support to open up to the world of painting, for which I am very grateful to her.

Mother of Phillip "Through the guided painting, the children find access to their inner self, which seems to be hidden in everyday life." The experience of being drifted while painting, immersing yourself into another world and coming to unexpected work expressions is a wonderful experience " .

Mutter von Phillip
Gabriele In the end, a picture emerges that sometimes amazes me myself. The knot has opened.

Anette The painting here is very different from what I used to experience. It can be experienced in the whole body with all senses. Through meditation, mindfulness and individual support, it becomes a special painting and awareness experience. Through therapeutic scaling of my well being, I know precisely where I was before painting and where the painting process has led me. The work is free, but always offers specific options to go beyond the usual painting experience. I am always surprised and really appreciate this particular painting.

Yvonne Accompanied painting or "Painting with May" - for me that is ...

*To find access to myself, i.e. H. to my soul

*Here I find access to my inner child, here I am allowed to catch up on a piece of “being a child” that I used to experience not so carefree

*I really get to know myself on paper, with the colours and through painting

*I learn to perceive my inner voice and to let myself be guided by my “innermost core”, that is, to listen to my gut feeling

*This is a wonderful experience for me, because it feels very good when my inner world gets its space and is allowed to be

*I find out on paper who I really am and how I create my life in everyday life, for instance I noticed how carefully I proceed and always try to do everything precisely and beautifully down to the last detail

*Here I can try new things and rediscover myself, because the paper is my world in „small"

*Here I learn that it is not that bad to endure negative feelings, that they pass and - above all - that I know how to help myself

*It's all in me, my inner being gives me an impulse for a colour or a shape, i.e. I know exactly what I need and that gives me self-confidence and security

*Every feeling has its place here, every anger, every longing, whatever it is.

*Everything can be here, because here on paper I am completely with myself.

Thanks May; ... because only through your support am I behind this secret and have found my way back to myself.

Barbara Every time I am surprised and amazed when my movement with my hands and with spontaneously chosen colours on the empty, white paper reveals shapes and structures that are an expression of my inner agitation. This agitation slumbers in the deepest unconscious and is in this way "scooped up", made visible and is completely mine. For me an important way of being human.

Beate Very mindful, very attentive, to be fully focused on the present moment, to the current action, to be very present in the contact between the fingers, the paint and the paper (as an aid to initially feel the sensuality of this contact but then again to let it go) and to notify the now, in every single moment, to let yourself be surprised again by what is coming.

The content, that which flows into the image, continues to paint itself all by itself. The wonderful thing about the whole process is that May always appears at the right moment, just when the process stalls, to lure out exactly the knowledge in the painter, that enables the process to continue flowing.

Isa ... and comes an image that has been waiting for a long time and has a release of energy in it ...

Jens Dear May, I can say that you gave me so much inspiration in your course that something completely unexpected came out of me, which in terms of visual expression hanging in addition to several "real works of art“ has really captured many viewers, so that I have been asked who would have painted these pictures. This painting simply connected me to myself and allowed me to express my very own frequencies.

Ana ... thank you for the wonderful morning in the studio. The painting and your help was the best relaxation pill I have ever taken ...

Amaya I came to painting with the intention of learning techniques to "produce better results". But there I found the silence in the dress of colours.

Katrin My picture is called "Dedication". I thank you for accompanying me to the elves, the love and the joy in me. I am always happy about the peace and quiet that you create in me through painting... I have been able to bring many worries, fears, tensions and insecurities with me into the security of your space during these years. They are welcome here. The moment I stroke the color on the paper, the journey begins. The space in me becomes bigger, lighter, more stable, more peaceful, more loving, more courageous.

When I paint, I am healthy. I paint and paint, I step aside, look at the picture: I don't like the picture ah very good! Be alert ... emptiness the state of awareness, the nothingness in the now pure being ...We find and lose, we build up and we destroy again, the dance of life.


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