Slide LOM® pictures distressing Images and soothe strong feelings and sensor impressions.

Training LOM® / Solution-oriented painting

Acc. to Dr. phil. Bettina Egger and lic. phil. Jörg Merz

The LOM® training means a completion of the painting therapy offer that represents the humanistic approach in art therapy. The BM/PM and LOM® thus cover the entire basic range of possibilities for successful therapy when working with clients (children and adults) with a wide variety of physical and mental disorders.


These methods, which I carry out, place the emphasis on promoting individual creativity and on an understanding that every human being is capable to find his natural balance again. “Each of us carries within himself all the necessary knowledge that leads to a healthy, successful life”. Support through the LOM® method is used when our creativity has been blocked by certain experiences or learned patterns. LOM® uses in an intelligentway, intuitive ways in which the creative power is activated again.

In this way, disturbance fields are recognized and stubborn, negative, preventing patterns are released. LOM® images overwrite distressing images and emotions and soothe strong feelings and sensory impressions. LOM® is based on the latest brain research and is subject to constant revision.


In addition to the accompanied painting method, Bettina Egger and Jörg Merz developed solution-oriented painting (LOM®). Solution-oriented painting was first applied in the eighties and has been continuously developed ever since. The method makes it possible to bring about lasting changes in many types of complaints in a short time. Over 1000 cases have been documented, statistically evaluated and prove the effectiveness of the method.

La formación LOM® ( pintura orientada a soluciones) supone completar la oferta de pintura terapéutica que representa el enfoque humanista en arteterapia. El BM/PM ( pintura curativa) y LOM® cubren así toda la gama básica de posibilidades para una terapia exitosa cuando se trabaja con clientes (niños y adultos) con una amplia variedad de trastornos físicos y mentales.


Los métodos que realizo ponen el énfasis en impulsar la creatividad individual y realza la comprensión de que todo ser humano es capaz de encontrar su equilibrio natural. “Cada uno de nosotros lleva dentro de sí todos los conocimientos necesarios que conducen a una vida sana y exitosa”.


El apoyo a través del método LOM® se busca cuando nuestra creatividad se ve bloqueada por determinadas experiencias o por patrones de comportamiento que hemos aprendido.


LOM® usa de forma inteligente e intuitiva utensilios que reactivan la creatividad. De esta manera, se reconocen las pautas perturbadoras y se corrigen los patrones obstinados, negativos e inhibidores.


LOM® permite sobrescribir las imágenes y emociones angustiosas aliviando así los sentimientos y sensaciones sobrecargadas. LOM® está basado en las últimas investigaciones sobre el cerebro y está sujeto a revisión constante.


Además del método de pintura acompañada, Bettina Egger y Jörg Merz desarrollaron la pintura orientada a soluciones (LOM®). La pintura orientada a la solución se utilizó por primera vez en la década de 1980 y se ha desarrollado continuamente desde entonces. El método permite lograr cambios duraderos en muchos tipos de molestias en poco tiempo. Más de 1000 casos han sido documentados, evaluados estadísticamente y prueban la efectividad del método.

“Each of us carries within himself all the necessary knowledge

that leads to a healthy, successful life.”

LOM® is an unusual way of looking at ordinary reality. Every individual concerns – dreams, desires, symptoms of all kinds, relationships, perspectives, decisions, cognitions, traumata – is expanded through painting by the non-verbal dimension. The goal is to use the power of creativity that offers us new paths, new perspectives, new solutions.


People who are familiar with the method of accompanied painting / person-oriented painting therapy (BM/PM) and the LOM® method in courses have the opportunity to complete a one and a half year LOM® training.


At the end of the course, a certificate is handed over, which authorizes the use of the LOM® methods in the context of independent painting therapy work, which can be carried out in the pedagogical, psychosocial, artistic and/or sociocultural area. The LOM® certification course is the ideal prerequisite for running a painting studio for adults and children.


Accompanied painting (BM) is a method where the demand for creativity, intuition, self-recognition is in the foreground. Through repeated use, confrontation with certain individual issues becomes unavoidable. For this reason, consequently, the method of the LOM® was developed.


The students get to know the method of solution-oriented painting therapy in depth and apply it in practice. The LOM® degree qualifies participants for freelance or employed painting therapy work with adults and children in the psychosocial area. The course is completed with the «Solution-oriented painting therapy (LOM®) certificate and entitles you to bear the title  solution-oriented painting therapy».

Seminar topics

of the LOM®:


  • Symptoms

  • Wishes

  • Dreams

  • Relationships

  • Decisions

  • Cognitions

  • Trauma I

  • Trauma II

  • Farewell and new beginning

Learning Content


  • FBasics and methodology of solution-oriented painting therapy.
  • Art therapy survey, documentation and evaluation/follow-up of the therapy units with solution-oriented painting therapy.
  • Forms of intervention.
  • Planning and implementation of therapy units with solution-oriented painting therapy with healthy and ill adults.
  • Working on desires, dreams, symptoms, relationships, decisions, trauma and cognitions.
  • Case documentation and case reviews.



The certificate for “Solution-Oriented Painting Therapy” is awarded when the following points have been met:

  • Visit the blocks.
  • Two cases documentation with supervision.
  • Completed psychotherapeutic training, proof of basic knowledge in person-oriented painting therapy and over hours of LOM® self-awareness.

Seminar Times

Friday: 17:00 p.m to 21:00 p.m / Saturday: 10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m / Sunday: 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m

The training program and information about the costs will be made available on personal request.

May Carro Cabaleiro

“LOM® is an unusual way of looking at ordinary reality. Every individual concerns is expanded through painting by the non-verbal dimension…”